Posted on: July 22nd, 2011 by CDWP

by Nancy Thompson

I am so thankful that I took on this endeavor. It has been a lot of work (thinking, in particular), but it was so rewarding. I must say, I have enjoyed meeting and working with some of the best educators in the capital district. We’ve had poets, storytellers, a harmonica player…and a lot of COLORFUL words being thrown around!

When I found out that I had to teach a lesson to my peers, I freaked out! I decided right away on poetry. In the end, I was relaxed and had fun with the lesson. In turn, we all ended up with thirteen wonderful lessons each. I put out a call to my colleagues in the group to share some of their poems from my lesson, which follow:

The stark calm glassy water
Awaits the arrival of father and daughter

Our destination is reached at twilight
Skis whisper rhythms on snow-no longer white

The landscape is cast in a hue of blue
Another windswept treasure I’ve shared with you


Mid-Winter Lighthouse

Sturdy and well-kept
Wind-blown and wind-swept
Out where there’s no place to hide

A beacon in motion
Edging the ocean
To serve as the seafarer’s guide

Solid and steady
Always at the ready
Faithfully standing alone

Placid and haunting
Forever wanting
The seafarer safely back home

Waves crashing calmly
Persistently hitting me
Placid place of peace

Sunny and peaceful
Sea Birds gliding gracefully
storm clouds threatening

Beach of rocks and sand
Small seal sitting silently
Shark waits patiently

Soft, inviting
lapping, buzzing, droning
Mosquitos, peepers, dragonflies, loons
Calling, croaking, fluttering
Longing, listening


My inquiry group researched technology in writing.  We worked hard and learned a lot, and we had a great time making a wiki to share some of what we learned with the rest of the group.  Please feel free to check out our wiki at http://cdwp2011writingtechology.wikispaces.com/ .  We also invite you to join the wiki group (see link at the top right of the wiki) so you can share your own resources and ideas.

Being a part of this special group has truly been an experience of a lifetime.

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